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office bearers
Board of trustees

The elected Board of Trustees proposes long-term goals and activities of SNA to the General Body. The Board of Trustees does not intervene in the day-to-day functioning of the Executive Committee.


1. SreeUmasankar - Chairman
2. Pravilal Pravibhavan
3. Sreekumar Janardhanan
4. Shamitha Bharathan

5. Rajesh Rajendran Lekha

Executive committee

The activities of SNA are managed and administered by the Executive Committee, undertaking job responsibilities with the utmost commitment to achieving SNA’s mission and objects and the action plans for their tenure.

Binu Sivanand - President
Shiji Ushakumari  - Vice-President
Vineeth Gandreti - General Secretary
Sethu Kotharamath- Joint Secretary
Sujith Sudhakaran  - Treasurer

Abhishek Menon - Joint Treasurer

Dileep Kumar - Growth Strategy , Collaboration with other Organizations, and Media 


Event coordination leads:

Suraaj Nair
Anil Sadanandan
Leju Ramachandran
Rahul Raj


Learning & Perpetuation coordination leads:

Anil Kunjiparambath 

Deepthi Prasanan 

Media communication leads:

Sachu Pushpangadan
Suvith Sivaraman
Kiran Mohan


Advisory and Compliance

The Board of Trustees selects an incumbent to the position of Internal Auditor. The General Body selects a team of two qualified accountants to carry out an annual review of SNA’s financial statements. Currently, these positions are held as follows:


Asokan Sadasivan - Internal Auditor

Udayan Purushothaman(Immediate past Chairman) - Advisor

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