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Membership in SNA is open to those seeking to learn, practice, preserve and perpetuate Sree Narayana Guru’s philosophy and its key virtues of universal brotherhood and multicultural co-existence in Canadian society. Membership is intended primarily for those residing in the Greater Toronto Area and neighboring areas in the Province of Ontario.


Ordinarily, membership in SNA would be on an annual basis and renewable on payment of membership fees for categories as follows:


Adult Individual Membership


Family Membership (up to two members, being an Adult Individual and spouse), and


Child Membership (until attaining 18 years of age, where at least one parent is an Adult Individual member under any of the above categories).


SNA also offers long-term membership under the categories Life Membership and Patron Membership, based on applicable Life Membership fees and Patron Membership donation respectively.


All membership applications are subject to the review and approval of SNA’s Executive Committee and/or the Board of Trustees, depending on the type of membership.



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